Ahhhh! Genres!

Alright, so if I'm writing a book that is a mixture of:
Fantasy, Horror, Adventure, Romance, Paranormal, GLBT, and Realistic Fiction,


I have to turn it in in English, and I need to say what genre it is too.
Sucks to be me, right. :P


The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian--Someone? I dont wanna look him up. :P

I'm being lazy, didnt get any sleep last night cuz I'M BACK!
After a whole freaking WEEK in NC, I am BACK!

Okay, the book was about a dorky indian frreshman and it had pictures. :)

Alright, you should read it just cuz of the pictures thijng. I givin it 5/5
LOL, I'm going craxzy...

I still have to read two entire books and write, like, essays on both of them...

Sucks to be me. :(

Alright, so I'll do a better revie later w/ a cover and author and all...
I'm also reading The Catcher in the Rye.
Almost done.
It's great.



Thinking Straight---Robin Reardon

I'm not putting on a cover XP
Deal with it.

Okay, 3.9/5
It was a good book, and very good plot, EXCELLENT plot, SUPERB (LOL, aren't I a dork? :D) plot, but very very very hard to follow.
I got lost with who all the characters were other than Taylor, Charles and the emo kid. I don't even remember his name. How messed up is that?
So, yes, I would have loved the book.
It might've made my Top Ten.
I got confused :P

Well, I want to put 12+, but I know I shouldn't :P
Ages 14+
And I hate myself for it.


Okay, so, like, I have a few questions?
1. Who the heck was Sean, nd why did the main character keep saying he had a 'hot body'?
2. Mr. Priest guy killed Ray, right? I think? Or was it that Ray killed himself? And why the heck were Ray and the emo kid kissing? Like, I don't know how to put this, but that confused me. Ray liked Mr. Emo Kid, right? Am I right?
3. Okay, so when Will (Who I love) comes and meets Taylor, isn't there a fence between them? So why is it they could kiss on the ground? There would be cold metal bars between them.
4. Will and Taylor were together, I know that. But for how long? Or did it not say?

Alright, I have a lot more questions but they'd be a little hard to put into words. Like, what was the moral of the story, kids?
LOL, no, there are no kids in here. :)

And so peace out all you people, I'm headin to the beach for the next week, and then I'll have four books to do. :P
Love Sick
Willow (I can't believe I've never reviewed that...)
Blue Moon (The Immortals book 2)
Deadly Little Secret



I didn't finish a book last night!

It's true.

You wanna know the last sentence in Hero by Perry Moore?
LOL, no, I don't remember it :P

But I love that book.
Just read it, okay?



Okay, so, Perry Moore is AWESOME.
check out his website:
Check it OUT.


That's right, a freaking SEQUEL.

I'm totally a sequel person. :)
And a prequel person. :)

Alrightyness, I get to order FOUR BOOKS TONIGHT!
If ou have any suggestions, message me soon! Like, as soon as you read this, cuz I HAVE TO order them tonight or they won't get here in time for my trip on Friday!

But Right now they are:
How They Met and ther Stories- David Levithan (can't get through a trip without him :)♥)
Sprout- Dale Peck (A gay kid w/ green hair! What's not to love?)
Peter- Kate Walker (It's only 5.95! And, he's only 14! I like books about younger teenagers)
Without Sin- J. Tomas (LOL, proves that adults aren't all too smart---check out my last post)

BUT, if you have any suggestions and get them to me in the next few hours, I will GLADLY take them! I love fiction, fantasy, and most love stories! (Especially the cute ones!)

Thank you!
(and I'd really love it if you commented, I've had a great day so far, really. Just perfect, I mean, having one of your favorite authors tell you they'd love to read your story just kind of does that. PLEASE, Please comment. I want this day to be perfect♥)

Guess What!

LOL, this is pointless.
For a book review blog, recently I've been posting more and more NON reviews. LOL.
This is at least about a book...well...two books, really.
1st of all: I'm getting Thinking Straight by Robin Reardon...(I know who that is...I think.)
But yeah, I'm getting Thinking Straight cuz it was stuck in my head. Just the cover, actually, but I'm getting it at the library.
Second of all,
LOL, I'm might be getting another book, about a guy who's parents don't like that he's gay, and so they send him to an ALL BOYS BOARDING SCHOOL.
God, I knew adults were stupid but this?! Really?!
Okay, it's ALL BOYS. And it's a BOARDING SCHOOL.
Adults ARE stupid, LOL.
Without Sin: http://search.barnesandnoble.com/Without-Sin/J-Tomas/e/9781603706841/?itm=1
Thinking Straight: http://search.barnesandnoble.com/Thinking-Straight/Robin-Reardon/e/9780758219282/?itm=1

I personally like Borders better, but you can only get Without Sin if you order it on either Amazon or Barnes and Noble. I don't order online though, which sucks.
I know.

Hero---Perry Moore

Um...:) *awkward giggles* I don't know what to say.


This book left me speechless. OMG, I feel the need for a Top 10 change! Kick out Project 17, make way for Hero! Woo! It actually made my TOP 5! Yep, another book has made my TOP3!!! Oh yes!


That's right, Hero, the amazing book by Perry Moore, has passed A Certan Slant of Light, and is now my FAVORITE book of all time.

Oh yeah, it passed all THREE of David Levithan's books. (Amazing, right? That NEVER happens!) (I still love you David Levithan, for you are the guy who inspired me to start writing myself)

Oh yes, Now my top three are:

3. The Vast Fields of Ordinary---Nick Burd
2. Boy Meets Boy--David Levithan (I love him sooooo much, oh GOD)
1. HERO--Perry Moore (amazing, dude. Really.)


This book is about Thom and his father mainly. So Thom's father used to be the greatest superhero ever. Until he messed up and killed 19,000 people. So, now he hates all things Superhero. And, the problem is, Thom is turning into one. And, what's up with him and Goran? I mean, they hate each other at the beginning, but, that changes a bit quickly, LOL. And, who IS Dark Hero anyways? (If you have half a brain you'll figure it out the first time he shows up.)
(And, BTW, this is also a kind of sweet love story, if you aren't up for the butt-kicking superhero stuff. I mean, (kinda spoiler, not really) Him and Goran, so cute.<3)

So, yeah, if that made any sense at all. :)


See all of you's LATER,


The God Box---Alex Sanchez

Okay, so first of all let me say: Alex Sanchez is AWESOME. There is no denying it. I mean, first of all, he can write. Second of all, I think he has the awesomest name in the HISTORY of awesome names. Alex Sanchez, Wooo!


Alright, so I loved the idea here, new kid in school, openly gay, big homophobic issues. What I didn't love was the way everyone made SUCH A BIG DEAL out of everything! Manuel was almost killed! I mean, really, if there are places with THAT many homophobes, our world has major issues.

Um...okay, this book is about Pablo, a.k.a. Paul, and, of course, the dude is gay. BUT, he is ALWAYS denying it, which bothered me. I mean...I'm not like that, LOL, if I were a character in the story I'd be more like Manuel. An I know some people aren't that way, but, I'd just prefer to go, "Yeah, I'm gay, and if you have a problem with it, then don't talk to me, K?"

I'm just like that, but, clearly, a lot of people aren't and they're more like, "Me, gay? What? No, no!" So, I guess that's why I didn't seem to think this book was...complete? I don't know. I just didn't relate to the main character at all, and it might be because I'm a girl, but I just didn't.

(Actually, I don't think it was because I'm a girl. I've related to gay guy characters countless times.)

So, ages 12+

and I'm just saying: It was a great book! Imean, Manuel was a freaking GENIUS! I'm going to say this once, READ IT.

Love and stuff,


Natalie MOVIE Reviews! Speak

So, I watched the movie cuz I thought the book was great, (read the review), and now I'm reviewin it!


Okay, so I know what your thinking, "Hey, isn't it that chick from Twilight?"

Yes, yes it is. It is that chick from Twilight. But, based on her performance in this, you should be saying, "Hey, isn't it that chick from Speak?"


It had me in tears, like, four times. Seriously, I don't think I've cried during a movie since, like...ever. Really.

And, Kristen Stewart, who played Melinda, was PERFECT. She was only 14 in this movie when she filmed it, and I'm all like, WOW. You know? And Andy Evans, a.k.a. IT, was exactly how I pictured him. A popular, self-centered guy in love with himself.

So, the scene where she's pushed into the car is kind of intense, I understand why they rated it PG-13. And, when I say intense, I mean INTENSE. Like, you're going to be putting your hands over your mouth, trying not to scream. I was whimpering, it was...emotional.
And not in a good way.

So...this movie was great, the acting was pretty good and everything. Um...pretty similar to the book too. Except, the ending to this was a little better in my opinion.

Just a little.

Yep, that's all.

Except, I'll do an age thing here, too.

Okay, it's PG-13 for good reason, im putting on 12+. Because that scene with the car is INTENSE.

Love y'all,


Have you ever....

Have you ever freaked out over something REALLY stupid?
For example:
Me: Awwwwww.....
My Brother: What?
Me: Awwwwwww......
My Brother: What?
My Brother: Who?
My Brother: Didn't you read that book, like, weeks ago?!
My Brother: They will go be gay together....
My Brother: Gay
Me:SHUT UP!!!!

LOL, good times, good timess......


Speak---Laurie Halse Anderson

A slow beginning, but...


Okay, I want to say something here first of all: THIS BOOK IS ABOUT A GIRL WHO WAS RAPED.

Okay? It took me, like, so long to figure that out. I mean, I know I'm stupid, but it never really said anything. I thought that it was more like she was threatened to be killed or something.

It said something happened at a party, it said she called the police, it called a certain male IT. (I would call him 'IT' too) and that is all the clues we had.

I guess maybe it was just cuz I was tired and had never heard anything about this book before besides, "It's good, read it!" And so I did.

And now, to get to the final point, I LOVED IT.

Every sentence (after the first chapter) Was Perfect.

And every character was perfect. And every problem was perfect. And every word was perfect. And every situation was perfect. And every teacher was perfect. Everything was perfect.

Now, to get to my problem with it, because, inevitably, I'm going to have one. (Unless you're Paul Ruditis, because I had NO problem at all with Entrances and Exits. Loved the ending. GO Read that review!)

So my problem was that...it was a tiny bit...scary. Not creepy, really, but I would hate to think everyone would absolutely HATE a young girl just because she called the police at a party.
I mean, it's a bit dramatic that EVERYONE hates her. Except David. He's kinda nice.

AND, I'm excited to say the author actually might rite a sequel!

The only problem was I didn't feel the need for a sequel here. Totally Joe, yes, but here? No so much.

Ages 12+ (or 14+?) Noothing TERRIBLE, but I think there was a bit of language throughout. And some scariness with the way the main character hurts herself. And the rape...
I'm giving it a PG-13, cuz of all that....

So, yeah, I had quite a bit to say about this book.

I guess that's why it's called Speak.



You're going to hate yourself for Reading this

I wrote a short story for English last year titled Panophobia. It was about a girl who was afraid, of everything. That's what panophobia is.
I just wanted to say,
I just heard a song that kept on repeating stuff about being afraid and all.
Totally reminded me of that pointless little story.
Wich reminded me of the story I'm writing NOW...
Which is a prequel-like thing to that story.
And one of my characters is seeing things.
And he's afraid of them.
And then I smiled.
And thanked God that I am not panophobic.
Because I wouldn't be able to take it.

So, I just wasted about a minute and a half of your life by that conversation I had with myself.
And http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Cd8ecTzAa9U
Go there. Listen to the song.

LOL, no I'm just really bored. :P
So, who here has read
Peter by Kate Walker
The God Box by Alex Sanchez?
I'm probably going to buy them, but I want to know which one is better.
I want to get the better one.

You see, I ♥ Alex Sanchez, becuz I read So Hard to Say and it was AWESOME.
And, I heard Peter was great, and I thought it sounded interesting.
And, if you haven't read either, comment telling me which one you think I should buy and why.
I think you should buy ------ because I told you to.

Yep, I know none of any of yous are going to comment xP.
I just figure writing it out will make me feel less like a dork.



The Perks of Being A Wallflower---Stephen Chbosky


Have you ever read a book that's made you really THINK? I don't mean think like, hey what just happened? This book is hard to follow...

I mean THINK, like What is the meaning of life? and a whole bunch of other pointless philosifical questons.

Philosifical is my word-I'm not crazy...

A book written in letters, each started with "Dear Friend," and signed by Charlie, this book makes you laugh, cry, freak out, have panic attacks, yell, scream, jump around, and at the end, smile. I'm not even exaggerating, I did all of this last night.

Charlie has an awful life, I'm not even going to lie. So many bad things happen to him. And so many bad things happen to all of his friends. And he just sits there and takes it. He doesn't fight, doesn't even talk much. He sits and he listens. And, I think that the entire point of this book is that you need to do more than just be there for other people. You also need to help them.

It was cute, it was horrible, it was sweet, it made me yell, it was AMAZING.

Not enough for my top 10, because those aren't really for the writing of books, those are for more of the...books I've really found entertaining. But, this book needs it's own list, because it was really great. Really.

So, the list it's on is called...

Books with Amazing Writing that Make you Think

1. The Perks of Being a Wallflower

As I read more books like this I'll put them on a list.

But I really just thought that that book deserved to be number 1 on SOMETHING, and it didn't uite make it to my favorites list :(

Ages 12+

I love all of you,



Tale of Two Summers---Brian Sloan


Hal and Chuck are about to spend their first summer apart in ten years--reminding you of The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants yet?

They both find love and friends and have really embarrassing stories, and they keep in touch with each other the entire time through a blog. It took me a LONG time to read this, cuz of how many words were on each page. And I had issues with some of the plot points. But, in the end, it left me smiling, not crying my eyes out like so many books are doing these days.

Throughout the entire thing, I was kind of confused, about many things, such as the "New Year's incident" and whether Chuck LIKED Hal. It just was kind of confusing for a blog thing.

But, I have to say, I love books written with blogs and such, especially ones in the POV of guys. There arent all too many out there, at least none that I can find. So, that was nice for a change.

I liked Hal better. Why? Because he was funnier, I'm just saying. Half the things written on his part made me crack up ad almost die of laughter.

Ages 14+, it says 12+ in the book, but I had some issues with certain parts of it...



Owl City

Cuz this isn't only a book review blog I am posting this for Owl City.

Well, Owl City, made up of one man, Adam Young, makes the most relaxing, happy sounds you could hope for.
And, the new album just came out! I can't believe I've only known of him for a week, but it's one of the best weeks of my life.

So, I'm just sayin, if you can, look them up. My favorite song is Hot Air Balloon, but all of them are great. :D

(This was only to avoid reading Twisted by Laurie Halse Anderson. :P)



Princes and Princesses...

Guess who has become interested in fairy tales recently?
Well, it's me.

You want to know why?
Too bad, it's because *drumroll*

*cheering in background* I know, I know, my old one is great, I'm still working on that, but I'm also writing a new fairy tale. :)
It is called...well...I don't have a title yet.

But it's about Prince Ezekial Hansen and Princess Elva Krystal Conway and her brother Prince Emilio Conway.
Basically, Prince Ezekial is supposed to marry Princess Elva Krystal but he isn't all too thrilled about it, and him and Prince Emilio slay the big evil Chaos Blood! (A dragon, LOL, I ♥♥♥ the name)

So...I'm not going to give out the entire plot, but I might mention it every once in a while. Like if I title it or somethin, I might mention it.
But, no worries, Infinite is still going great.
I'm not abandoning it.

Waiting for You---Susane Colasanti

Another sweet love story♥


This book is about Marisa, and her search for a boyfriend. That was pretty much the plot, but it's a LOT more interesting than I made it sound, LOL. I mean, there's Derek, seemingly perfect, friendly and hot, and then there's Nash, sweet and shy, nerdy. And there is a guy on the internet, who nobody knows the identity of. (Well...I did, because I have a brain. I seriously knew who it was from, like, the second time he was mentioned, LOL.)

So, I read When it Happens, and Take me There by the same author last year, and I'm glad she wrote another book. She knows how teenage girls work, she knows how we talk, she knows how we think. It's really what makes this book interesting.

Ages 12+

I'd reccomend this to fans of Sarah Dessen, the way it works out is pretty similar. (Speaking of Sarah Dessen---Guess who can't wait to read Along for the Ride?! That's right, Me!!!)



Top Ten List

My Top Ten Books of ALL TIME

I'm posting this becuz I recently read Totally Joe, which is the newest book on this list.

10. Project 17---Laurie Faria Stolarz (Creepy...but awesome. I loved the idea-Second Favorite author)
9. Totally Joe---James Howe (Put on the list TODAY! Newest book)
8. Naomi and Ely's No Kiss List---Rachel Cohn and David Levithan (Cant wait 4 the movie!)
7. DRAMA! Entrances and Exits---Paul Ruditis (Drew+Bryan forever!)
6. Willow---Julia Hoban (Aww....sweetest love story ever. Been on my favorites for a month)
5. Wide Awake---David Levithan (Good book--I don't even know why I love it so much)
4. Holes---Louis Sachar (Has grown on me since the first time I read it in the fifth grade)
3. The Vast Fields of Ordinary---Nick Burd (♥♥♥)
2. Boy Meets Boy---David Levithan (The only author to ever have THREE books in my top ten.)
1. A Certain Slant of Light---Laura Whitcomb (Has spent the longest amount of time on this list, it's been number one for over two years.)
So, I was gonna add pictures, but I gave you the authors instead. Look them up, they're all amazing. And really, especially look up David Levithan, he is the BEST author out there, you can't get any better than him.)

Yep, that is it, I'm readin Uglies by Scott Westerfirld and Tale of Two Summers by Brian Sloane and I'm reading The Perks of Being a Wallflower. (I really love all of them, really, but I have no idea which I'm gonna finish first.)

Totally Joe- James Howe

Okay, who here has read this?! Leave a comment if you have, please, and tell me if you thought it was as great as I did. :D
Yep, 6/5, why?
Well, because I thought it was A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!!!!!!!!!!
Okay, I love the main character, Joe, and I love the shoes on the cover. I love them. I want a pair of shoes like that, LOL, I'm going to look everywhere I go.
You know, I wish the guys I know would wear awesome shoes like that. But no, all they wear is basketball shoes. :P
Alright, this book is about Joe, sometimes JoDan, who writes his alphabiography. (A biography with each chapter starting with a letter of the alphabet) And, of course, he writes a lot of personal things. I wouldn't be able to do that, my teachers are never all that nice...
But, it's about Joe, and in his alphabiography he covers things like Colin, his sometimes boyfriend, and Kevin, the class bully (Darn them Bullies!) and Addie, his best friend. In this book he does a whole bunch of crazy, insane stuff. You'll have to read it to find out. :P (I know I'm mean.)
But, really, if you've read it I want to know. Did you think it was great? Did you think it was awful? Did you want a sequel? (I wanted a sequel, personally)
Ages 10+, it even says so in the book! (I'm gonna make my bro read this.)
:D, it made my top 10!
I'll post my top ten list soon, maybe later today, alright? Why am I asking y'all, I'm gonna do it anyways!
Love ya,
BTW, I'm getting Peter by Kate Walker, MY LIFE ROCKS!


Is He or Isn't He?--John Hall

Ha, I read this book last night :)
Go it cuz it was at the bookstore. :)
And it looked cute. :)
DON'T LET MY RATING CONFUSE YOU--This isn't a bad book.
Alright, best friends Paige and Anthony (Love that name) are both in love with the same guy. And, they don't know if he's gay or not.
Okay, so I knew the ending since the middle of the book, um...
But, IS HE OR ISNT HE? That is the question, and a good one at that. My mind switched back and forth so many times from thinking he was gay to straight to bi to just plain NOTHING. But, by the end, I knew that
There was no way Alex was gay, there was NO WAY.
****Okay then****
Alright, so since I knew the ending before it came, it went down a rating. And since I didn't like Alex, it went down another. And it went down .5 because I just thought it was...pointless?
Yep, pointless, that is the word.
Um... but I loved Anthony and his dream to have his screenplay become famous, and I thought it was a great character idea. But other than that, there was nothing in this book to like, or even care about for me.
Ages 12+
But, as I've mentioned, it WASNT A BAD BOOK. It was decent, and,


Perfect Chemistry--Simone Elkeles

Okay, very similar to Romiette and Julio, and very similar to Romio and Juliet, and very similar (in a way) to The Outsiders. It's like all three of them had a baby together. Alright, I got it cuz the mexican dude on the cover was hot. (He is, LOL, check out his tattoos...yummy)
And I loved it! I loved the main characters Alex and Brittany, and I wanted them to be together. This is a really rare thing for me, specially with straight couples, because I always feel that one of them is to good for the other. BUT, in this book, I didn't. I felt that they were meant to be together, forever and always.
You see, normally I don't work well with this really cutesy type of book, because they're always just So Darn PREDICTABLE. You know from the beginning that either A.) The main characters are gonna fall in love and get married and live happily ever after. B.) The main characters are gonna fall in love and one of them is gonna die in a tragic accident. C.) One of the main characters is gonna love the other and they aren't gonna love them back so the character in love will committ suicide. or D.) The main characters will be in love with each other, but they don't know it, and they both committ suicide.
And I got bored of those plotlines.
This book is about Brittany, a rich white girl from the north side of town and Alex a mexican dude from the south side. Alex is in a gang, and bets his friend he can get Brittany to have sex with him. Brittany's sister has a disease, and she hates Alex with a burning passion...at first. So, at first Alex tries to get her to like him because of the bet he made, but, you guessed it, they fall in love instead. And Alex wants to get out of the gang.
So, I'm going to say this, I loved the Twenty-Three Years Later Epilogue. (I ♥ Epilogues, they ti everything together so very nicely...) I LOVED IT. I mean, it was predictable, but it wasn't, you know?
Um...I have to say that my favorite character in the whole thing was Paco, sweet Paco, who's name rhymes with Taco. I loved him, GOD he was sweet.
was....he WAS sweet.
Alright ages 14 and up, cuz of the drugs and gang violence and sex and all...
I think this book was great, really, you should read it.
Well...if you like this kind of book. If not, then it wasn't anything special, it was just well written.
Love y'all,


Okay, something I just realized...

Okay, I realized I had something else to say about this book.
Because I CAN.

Okay, so the main character, David, never even LIKED Sean. I guess that's what bothered me. I think I mentioned something about this book bothering me before, but I couldn't tell.

Well, if I didn't, I'm telling you now, when I read this book, something bothered me.

And, I realize now it was the fact that he never liked Sean. He lusted after Sean. Is there a difference? Well, to some people, no. But to me, YES. There is a difference. David may have gotten wierd feeling around Sean, but none of them were love. Trust me.

And, I guess that's why something about this book seemed off to me. Well, that, and the fact that it felt like some of the characters had no emotion. (coughcough KICK coughcough)
Yep. So, I wouldn't read it, LOL. I still wouldn't. It was meaningless.


Talk--Kathe Koja


I loved the idea, and the plot. I hated the ending--it didn't feel complete.

Okay, told in alternating points of view between Lindsay and Kit, the two stars of their school's play, and their struggle to keep it from being banned.

The school thinks the play isn't appropriate because of the violence and the sexual tension between the two main characters. (Not Kit and Lindsay-Kit is gay) So, they try to ban it from being preformed. But, Kit and Lindsay feel that the play is important, they love the plot and everything about it. So, they fight to keep it open.

Okay, so when you're like me, and ou think that if the ending is terrible, the book will seem unimportant, then you'll hate it. Um...I don't know what is up with bad ending recently, but the last five books I've read haven't been all that good with endings. (It's why I love Boy Meets Boy-You can't get a better ending than that!)

So ages...I'm going to do grades this time. Mix things up a bit. :)

Grades six and up. Nothing wrong, really, it's just that younger kids wouldn't appreciate this as much. :)

The only problem I have with this is that the ending felt rushed and unemotional. Um...the last sentence was good, but I didn't really care about the two characters mentioned in it. I didn't are whether they broke up the next day or whether they got married or whatever. I didn't care about them.

So, this book is entirely about the plot, not the characters. So, if you love characters, and love to read what happens to them, I wouldn't reccomend this book. But if you love the play thing, sure, you'll want to read this. It's great!

(I just didn't like the ending :P)

Saints Of Augustine--P.E. Ran

Okay, the author of this also wrote In Mike We Trust. (Reviewed it before...)

And, like that one, this gets 4.5/5

Okay, I have no idea what it's like to be a guy, but this book sure helped.

The main characters in this, Sam and Charlie, have problems. Charlie's dad drinks too much for his own good, and Charlie owes 500 dollars for his drug issues. Sam's mother is dating a homophobe, and Sam thinks he's gay, which means all of Teddy's (his mother's bf) comments are offensive to him.

Sam and Charlie used to be best friends before Sam decided he didn't want to hang out with Charlie anymore. This book is mostly about their struggles and how they really both need help but are too tough to ask.

Okay, the truth is, it ended like In Mike We Trust. The ending were just similar. And, I have to say, I HATED the ending to In Mike We Trust. Well...maybe not the way they wrapped things up, but more the last sentence.

Remember the BANG! thing? No? Well it's mentioned before, go read my other reviews. :P

Well, no bang. More like a feather landing on the floor. Swish...

Yep, I hated it. I wanted to know if they'd get back together. :(

I'm not teling you who "They" are, it'll ruin the story.

Ages 14+, drugs, other stuf...

Yep, that's it.


Hunger Games AND a Question

Okay, I had to do this one too.

Okay, this book has gotten poular ever since Stephenie Meyer, the infamous author of Twilight, gave it a good review. And, as much as I hate to admit it, it IS a great book.

Katniss, a sixteen year old girl living in Panem, the ruins of North America, is chosen as a tribute to compete in the televised Hunger Games.
During the Hunger Games, twenty-four teenagers are chosen to compete to the death, until only one is left standing.
Katniss and Peeta befriend each other to win for their district, District Twelve.

Ages 14 and up. Some of it is a tiny bit creepy. (Just a bit :D)

Yeah, done with that for a minute,

If you've read Target by Kathleen Johnson, PLEASE tell me if it's worth getting.

Because, I've heard amazing reviews, and I've heard terrible reviews.
And, I really don't know whether to buy it or not.



Absolute Brightness--James Lecesne

Okay, you really want to know?


Um...it made me cry. And not in a good way.

This book is in the point of view of a teenage girl who's cousin comes to live with her. His name is Leonard. He acts differently than most 13 year old guys and he's just different. (ex. he made his own rainbow colored platform sneakers by gluing the rubber part of twelve flipflops to the bottom of purple converse sneakers.) And the main character hated him. So...when he disappears...she finds out that she didn't hate him after all. She loved him.

Too bad they find his body at the bottom of a lake, tied up with rope and tied to an anchor. (Not a spoiler, you could find that much information on any other website)

So...my opinion is I couldn't even finish. Once they found the body, the book's pace really slowed down, and I got bored. Heck, I was bored before. So, if you need to read it for class, go ahead. I wouldn't read it for anything else. Unless I had too.

And, the ages are, probably 14+, it gets really depressing, as in, like, I wanna kill myself depressing. So, unless you want to become depressed, I wouldn't read it.

On the bright side, The author was the founder of he Trevor project, the only 24 hour nationwide suicide hotline for GLBT and Questioning teens!

(good, cuz he wrote that book... I'm just saying)

But, The Trevor Project totally makes up for this book, I love him for it. If you ask me, that was a great idea. Because, seriously, it happens. GLBT and Questioning teens get suicidal.

I was almost there myself a while ago.

So, yeah, I love him for that, it was a great idea.

So, dont hate the author, I just wouldn't recommend this book.

That is all for now, I guess. I'll do more later. (I've read a lot this summer.)

(I had to do it...) Boy Meets Boy--David Levithan

Haha, if you'd ever met me, you'd know that I may have the slightest obsession with David Levithan. And...so, I bet you can guess what I think about this book.
5/5 (Amazing!)
Alright, I've reviewed this book before on other websites, but they normally already had a summary, I just had to write if I liked it or not. (Oh, I liked it)
So, since summaries are not my strong point, I'm going to do the best I can! :P
This book is about Paul, a high school sophmore, and his friends. Paul likes Noah, and I think Noah likes Paul. So... crazy things happen. I mean, seriously, I am no good with summaries. Maybe I should've done The Realm of Possibility instead...(okay book, GREAT ending...)
Ages 11 and up. Nothing wrong in this.
The writing is beautiful, the characters are amazing, the plot is good.
There is literally nothing wrong with this book.
And it's short, I read it in about three hours the first time, and 2 1/2 the second time. (The third time I don't remember...)
YEP, I have read this book four times.
This book opens your mind to what the world should be like, instead of the way we are, not really totally accepting gays, but not really not accepting them either. It shows that it should totally be okay for two guys/girls to fall in love an get married and just...be themselves.
You ever wonder why its so hard for people to come out? Yeah, the reason is because we say we're accepting them, but the truth is, we need to do more than that. We need to make it a normal thing for ads, commercials (like the e-harmony crap), and everything else to not think twice about putting two guys hugging or whatever in their billboards, commercials, whatever.
I think that David Levithan is a genius.
Here is my favorite interview with him: http://teenreads.com/authors/au-levithan-david.asp
Um...yep. I love him.
Life-long dream to meet him, he's totally my hero.
(well...other than Adam Lambert...)
So, yeah. I think I spent more time complaining than anything else on this one. Ha, alright, just know that ISNT going to happen again.


The Vast Fields Of Ordinary--Nick Burd

Okay I loved it. Best Book of the year...so far.

10/5? Isn't that allowed?

Heck yeah, It's my review, I'm giving it 10/5!!!

Okay, I'm not going to go into the plot, I'm just going to say it's a coming of age book about an eighteen year old guy the summer before college. His name is Dade, and he is a real character. I loved him.

Okay, so I liked the book I thought it was AMAZING!

The writing was great, Nick Burd really blew me away here

---I'm just saying, there's a part in a car while looking at fireflies, B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L---

The ending made me cry...I've mentioned I liked books to go out with a BANG!, and this one honestly did.

Ages 13+ (Drugs, and sex)

So, yeah, if you can only read one more book for the rest of your life---choose this one. Bring it on that deserted sland with you as your only item. Save it from a burning building. Hug it and never let it go. Marry it. If you had to choose between saving this book, or your life choose the book. (Well....maybe not.)



DRAMA! Show, Don't Tell, and Entrances and Exits--Paul Ruditis


Okay, I'm reviewing both of these in one because it's the same series, which, BTW, ROCKS MY SOCKS OFF.
Okay, I read Paul Ruditis's story in First Kiss (Then Tell) and I was all like, DANG this is funny, and so I looked him up on the internet, and found these books. I've never read another series that is as funny, yet touching as these are.
These are the last two of the four books, The Four Dorothy's (#1) Everybody's a Critic (#2) Show, Don't Tell (#3) and Entrances and Exits (#4).
The best series I've red in a loooong time.
Okay, the main character, Bryan (not Brian) Attends a school that specializes in drama, you know, singing, dancing, acting, the works. Almost everyone who attends the school has famous and/or rich parents, except Sam Lawson, Bryan's best friend. In Show, Don't Tell, it's the summer before senior year, and the Rennisance (sp?) fair has come to town! Sam's other friend, Marq, works there! And Marq finds out Bryan's secret.
In Entrances and Exits, Bryan's secret (which wasn't much of a secret to begin with apperantly) is Directing a play written by his friend, Hope, he is the first student director in the history of the school. His stage manager likes him, and he doesn't realize it for a while. But, he has someone he likes too...and he dosn't admit it until the end (even though it was obvious from, like, book 1!!!)
*************OKAY NOW!!!!!!*********************
Ages 11 and up, never really anything bad in these books at all, except in the third one, but only in like one sentence that they never REALLY prove.
These books were perfect, I cried when they were over.

David Inside Out---Lee Bantle

This book was Good

3/5 stars.

This book is about David, a sixteen year old guy who's currently in high school. He has a crush on his cross country teammate, Sean, although he's afraid to admit it. When Sean starts to express similar feelings, David is ecstatic, but I'm sure you know something happens. This book is really about self acceptance, the plot isn't that detailed.

Okay, first of all, the entire book I was yelling "SEAN IS A JERK!" Out loud. It was really that obvious.

But, I have to say, I was overall disappointed. I'd heard this book was great, and I guess it was in some ways. But, I kind of like books to go out with a BANG! And this one really didn't. But, I understood every ingle descision the main character made, from ********SPOILERS********* Wearing the red jersey to school, to agreeing to meet Sean time after time. **************OKAY NOW***********

Alright, for ages I'd put 14+. It was a bit intense at times, nothing too explicit, but really not anything all that not explicit either.

Um...I'd say read it if you want. Read it i you see it at the lirary. But, I wouldn't buy this book. Don't go out of your way to get it.

(Although, The writing was pretty darn good-Good job Lee Bantle!)

So yeah. Peace out--


In Mike We Trust--P.E. Ryan

Alright, I have to say, this book ROCKED.

I give it 4.5/5 stars.

This book is about Garth, a fifteen year old boy who lives with his mother. His father has died, and he has a reaccuring nightmare about it. Soon though, his father's twin brother Mike comes to stay with him. Mike is the only one who doesn't mind Garth being himself. Garth has come out to his mother, who thinks since he is so short should keep it a secret a while. (I thought that was ridiculous) Mike starts pulling Garth into his crimes, which include stealing and lying, making them Garth's problem too. Garth starts falling for Adam, Lisa's friend with honesty issues. And the lies just keep getting worse...

Okay, so I loved Garth. And the plot. The writing was great, and so was the title. I don't know why, but I love the title<3

I was in the library,and this was on the shelf, and I had heard it was good, so I was like, WTH, and I got it. And I loved it.

If I were to choose ages for this book, it would probably be 12 and up, because sometimes the characters did pretty bad things. But, the language was really good, and there wasn't rally any drug use, so it was appropriate for most ages.

Reminded me of the movie Max Dougan Returns---don't know why. (If you haven't heard of the movie, it's old---I was forced to watch it a while ago.)

So, if you want my honest opinion,




Yep, that's all I really have to say.



My Name is Natalie, and I am currently reading a whole bunch. So, what better to do then give my reviews and put them on here? I'm planning on putting up maybe a book every two days (yeah, I read that fast) but, it might be a little less or more, depending on my mood, and/or if the books come in on time.

So, yeah.

Age:Between 10 and 20--guess.
Dream:To become a published author
Heroes:David Levithan and Adam Lambert

So, yeah. I'll do one in a few minutes. :)