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So, I watched the movie cuz I thought the book was great, (read the review), and now I'm reviewin it!


Okay, so I know what your thinking, "Hey, isn't it that chick from Twilight?"

Yes, yes it is. It is that chick from Twilight. But, based on her performance in this, you should be saying, "Hey, isn't it that chick from Speak?"


It had me in tears, like, four times. Seriously, I don't think I've cried during a movie since, like...ever. Really.

And, Kristen Stewart, who played Melinda, was PERFECT. She was only 14 in this movie when she filmed it, and I'm all like, WOW. You know? And Andy Evans, a.k.a. IT, was exactly how I pictured him. A popular, self-centered guy in love with himself.

So, the scene where she's pushed into the car is kind of intense, I understand why they rated it PG-13. And, when I say intense, I mean INTENSE. Like, you're going to be putting your hands over your mouth, trying not to scream. I was whimpering, it was...emotional.
And not in a good way.

So...this movie was great, the acting was pretty good and everything. Um...pretty similar to the book too. Except, the ending to this was a little better in my opinion.

Just a little.

Yep, that's all.

Except, I'll do an age thing here, too.

Okay, it's PG-13 for good reason, im putting on 12+. Because that scene with the car is INTENSE.

Love y'all,

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