Speak---Laurie Halse Anderson

A slow beginning, but...


Okay, I want to say something here first of all: THIS BOOK IS ABOUT A GIRL WHO WAS RAPED.

Okay? It took me, like, so long to figure that out. I mean, I know I'm stupid, but it never really said anything. I thought that it was more like she was threatened to be killed or something.

It said something happened at a party, it said she called the police, it called a certain male IT. (I would call him 'IT' too) and that is all the clues we had.

I guess maybe it was just cuz I was tired and had never heard anything about this book before besides, "It's good, read it!" And so I did.

And now, to get to the final point, I LOVED IT.

Every sentence (after the first chapter) Was Perfect.

And every character was perfect. And every problem was perfect. And every word was perfect. And every situation was perfect. And every teacher was perfect. Everything was perfect.

Now, to get to my problem with it, because, inevitably, I'm going to have one. (Unless you're Paul Ruditis, because I had NO problem at all with Entrances and Exits. Loved the ending. GO Read that review!)

So my problem was that...it was a tiny bit...scary. Not creepy, really, but I would hate to think everyone would absolutely HATE a young girl just because she called the police at a party.
I mean, it's a bit dramatic that EVERYONE hates her. Except David. He's kinda nice.

AND, I'm excited to say the author actually might rite a sequel!

The only problem was I didn't feel the need for a sequel here. Totally Joe, yes, but here? No so much.

Ages 12+ (or 14+?) Noothing TERRIBLE, but I think there was a bit of language throughout. And some scariness with the way the main character hurts herself. And the rape...
I'm giving it a PG-13, cuz of all that....

So, yeah, I had quite a bit to say about this book.

I guess that's why it's called Speak.


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