Absolute Brightness--James Lecesne

Okay, you really want to know?


Um...it made me cry. And not in a good way.

This book is in the point of view of a teenage girl who's cousin comes to live with her. His name is Leonard. He acts differently than most 13 year old guys and he's just different. (ex. he made his own rainbow colored platform sneakers by gluing the rubber part of twelve flipflops to the bottom of purple converse sneakers.) And the main character hated him. So...when he disappears...she finds out that she didn't hate him after all. She loved him.

Too bad they find his body at the bottom of a lake, tied up with rope and tied to an anchor. (Not a spoiler, you could find that much information on any other website)

So...my opinion is I couldn't even finish. Once they found the body, the book's pace really slowed down, and I got bored. Heck, I was bored before. So, if you need to read it for class, go ahead. I wouldn't read it for anything else. Unless I had too.

And, the ages are, probably 14+, it gets really depressing, as in, like, I wanna kill myself depressing. So, unless you want to become depressed, I wouldn't read it.

On the bright side, The author was the founder of he Trevor project, the only 24 hour nationwide suicide hotline for GLBT and Questioning teens!

(good, cuz he wrote that book... I'm just saying)

But, The Trevor Project totally makes up for this book, I love him for it. If you ask me, that was a great idea. Because, seriously, it happens. GLBT and Questioning teens get suicidal.

I was almost there myself a while ago.

So, yeah, I love him for that, it was a great idea.

So, dont hate the author, I just wouldn't recommend this book.

That is all for now, I guess. I'll do more later. (I've read a lot this summer.)

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  1. Thanks for the warning about this book - that book sounds depressing. I think I'll steer clear of it.

    Thanks for the review.