Thinking Straight---Robin Reardon

I'm not putting on a cover XP
Deal with it.

Okay, 3.9/5
It was a good book, and very good plot, EXCELLENT plot, SUPERB (LOL, aren't I a dork? :D) plot, but very very very hard to follow.
I got lost with who all the characters were other than Taylor, Charles and the emo kid. I don't even remember his name. How messed up is that?
So, yes, I would have loved the book.
It might've made my Top Ten.
I got confused :P

Well, I want to put 12+, but I know I shouldn't :P
Ages 14+
And I hate myself for it.


Okay, so, like, I have a few questions?
1. Who the heck was Sean, nd why did the main character keep saying he had a 'hot body'?
2. Mr. Priest guy killed Ray, right? I think? Or was it that Ray killed himself? And why the heck were Ray and the emo kid kissing? Like, I don't know how to put this, but that confused me. Ray liked Mr. Emo Kid, right? Am I right?
3. Okay, so when Will (Who I love) comes and meets Taylor, isn't there a fence between them? So why is it they could kiss on the ground? There would be cold metal bars between them.
4. Will and Taylor were together, I know that. But for how long? Or did it not say?

Alright, I have a lot more questions but they'd be a little hard to put into words. Like, what was the moral of the story, kids?
LOL, no, there are no kids in here. :)

And so peace out all you people, I'm headin to the beach for the next week, and then I'll have four books to do. :P
Love Sick
Willow (I can't believe I've never reviewed that...)
Blue Moon (The Immortals book 2)
Deadly Little Secret


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