Perfect Chemistry--Simone Elkeles

Okay, very similar to Romiette and Julio, and very similar to Romio and Juliet, and very similar (in a way) to The Outsiders. It's like all three of them had a baby together. Alright, I got it cuz the mexican dude on the cover was hot. (He is, LOL, check out his tattoos...yummy)
And I loved it! I loved the main characters Alex and Brittany, and I wanted them to be together. This is a really rare thing for me, specially with straight couples, because I always feel that one of them is to good for the other. BUT, in this book, I didn't. I felt that they were meant to be together, forever and always.
You see, normally I don't work well with this really cutesy type of book, because they're always just So Darn PREDICTABLE. You know from the beginning that either A.) The main characters are gonna fall in love and get married and live happily ever after. B.) The main characters are gonna fall in love and one of them is gonna die in a tragic accident. C.) One of the main characters is gonna love the other and they aren't gonna love them back so the character in love will committ suicide. or D.) The main characters will be in love with each other, but they don't know it, and they both committ suicide.
And I got bored of those plotlines.
This book is about Brittany, a rich white girl from the north side of town and Alex a mexican dude from the south side. Alex is in a gang, and bets his friend he can get Brittany to have sex with him. Brittany's sister has a disease, and she hates Alex with a burning passion...at first. So, at first Alex tries to get her to like him because of the bet he made, but, you guessed it, they fall in love instead. And Alex wants to get out of the gang.
So, I'm going to say this, I loved the Twenty-Three Years Later Epilogue. (I ♥ Epilogues, they ti everything together so very nicely...) I LOVED IT. I mean, it was predictable, but it wasn't, you know?
Um...I have to say that my favorite character in the whole thing was Paco, sweet Paco, who's name rhymes with Taco. I loved him, GOD he was sweet.
was....he WAS sweet.
Alright ages 14 and up, cuz of the drugs and gang violence and sex and all...
I think this book was great, really, you should read it.
Well...if you like this kind of book. If not, then it wasn't anything special, it was just well written.
Love y'all,

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