Saints Of Augustine--P.E. Ran

Okay, the author of this also wrote In Mike We Trust. (Reviewed it before...)

And, like that one, this gets 4.5/5

Okay, I have no idea what it's like to be a guy, but this book sure helped.

The main characters in this, Sam and Charlie, have problems. Charlie's dad drinks too much for his own good, and Charlie owes 500 dollars for his drug issues. Sam's mother is dating a homophobe, and Sam thinks he's gay, which means all of Teddy's (his mother's bf) comments are offensive to him.

Sam and Charlie used to be best friends before Sam decided he didn't want to hang out with Charlie anymore. This book is mostly about their struggles and how they really both need help but are too tough to ask.

Okay, the truth is, it ended like In Mike We Trust. The ending were just similar. And, I have to say, I HATED the ending to In Mike We Trust. Well...maybe not the way they wrapped things up, but more the last sentence.

Remember the BANG! thing? No? Well it's mentioned before, go read my other reviews. :P

Well, no bang. More like a feather landing on the floor. Swish...

Yep, I hated it. I wanted to know if they'd get back together. :(

I'm not teling you who "They" are, it'll ruin the story.

Ages 14+, drugs, other stuf...

Yep, that's it.

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