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I loved the idea, and the plot. I hated the ending--it didn't feel complete.

Okay, told in alternating points of view between Lindsay and Kit, the two stars of their school's play, and their struggle to keep it from being banned.

The school thinks the play isn't appropriate because of the violence and the sexual tension between the two main characters. (Not Kit and Lindsay-Kit is gay) So, they try to ban it from being preformed. But, Kit and Lindsay feel that the play is important, they love the plot and everything about it. So, they fight to keep it open.

Okay, so when you're like me, and ou think that if the ending is terrible, the book will seem unimportant, then you'll hate it. Um...I don't know what is up with bad ending recently, but the last five books I've read haven't been all that good with endings. (It's why I love Boy Meets Boy-You can't get a better ending than that!)

So ages...I'm going to do grades this time. Mix things up a bit. :)

Grades six and up. Nothing wrong, really, it's just that younger kids wouldn't appreciate this as much. :)

The only problem I have with this is that the ending felt rushed and unemotional. Um...the last sentence was good, but I didn't really care about the two characters mentioned in it. I didn't are whether they broke up the next day or whether they got married or whatever. I didn't care about them.

So, this book is entirely about the plot, not the characters. So, if you love characters, and love to read what happens to them, I wouldn't reccomend this book. But if you love the play thing, sure, you'll want to read this. It's great!

(I just didn't like the ending :P)

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