In Mike We Trust--P.E. Ryan

Alright, I have to say, this book ROCKED.

I give it 4.5/5 stars.

This book is about Garth, a fifteen year old boy who lives with his mother. His father has died, and he has a reaccuring nightmare about it. Soon though, his father's twin brother Mike comes to stay with him. Mike is the only one who doesn't mind Garth being himself. Garth has come out to his mother, who thinks since he is so short should keep it a secret a while. (I thought that was ridiculous) Mike starts pulling Garth into his crimes, which include stealing and lying, making them Garth's problem too. Garth starts falling for Adam, Lisa's friend with honesty issues. And the lies just keep getting worse...

Okay, so I loved Garth. And the plot. The writing was great, and so was the title. I don't know why, but I love the title<3

I was in the library,and this was on the shelf, and I had heard it was good, so I was like, WTH, and I got it. And I loved it.

If I were to choose ages for this book, it would probably be 12 and up, because sometimes the characters did pretty bad things. But, the language was really good, and there wasn't rally any drug use, so it was appropriate for most ages.

Reminded me of the movie Max Dougan Returns---don't know why. (If you haven't heard of the movie, it's old---I was forced to watch it a while ago.)

So, if you want my honest opinion,




Yep, that's all I really have to say.


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