Waiting for You---Susane Colasanti

Another sweet love story♥


This book is about Marisa, and her search for a boyfriend. That was pretty much the plot, but it's a LOT more interesting than I made it sound, LOL. I mean, there's Derek, seemingly perfect, friendly and hot, and then there's Nash, sweet and shy, nerdy. And there is a guy on the internet, who nobody knows the identity of. (Well...I did, because I have a brain. I seriously knew who it was from, like, the second time he was mentioned, LOL.)

So, I read When it Happens, and Take me There by the same author last year, and I'm glad she wrote another book. She knows how teenage girls work, she knows how we talk, she knows how we think. It's really what makes this book interesting.

Ages 12+

I'd reccomend this to fans of Sarah Dessen, the way it works out is pretty similar. (Speaking of Sarah Dessen---Guess who can't wait to read Along for the Ride?! That's right, Me!!!)


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