David Inside Out---Lee Bantle

This book was Good

3/5 stars.

This book is about David, a sixteen year old guy who's currently in high school. He has a crush on his cross country teammate, Sean, although he's afraid to admit it. When Sean starts to express similar feelings, David is ecstatic, but I'm sure you know something happens. This book is really about self acceptance, the plot isn't that detailed.

Okay, first of all, the entire book I was yelling "SEAN IS A JERK!" Out loud. It was really that obvious.

But, I have to say, I was overall disappointed. I'd heard this book was great, and I guess it was in some ways. But, I kind of like books to go out with a BANG! And this one really didn't. But, I understood every ingle descision the main character made, from ********SPOILERS********* Wearing the red jersey to school, to agreeing to meet Sean time after time. **************OKAY NOW***********

Alright, for ages I'd put 14+. It was a bit intense at times, nothing too explicit, but really not anything all that not explicit either.

Um...I'd say read it if you want. Read it i you see it at the lirary. But, I wouldn't buy this book. Don't go out of your way to get it.

(Although, The writing was pretty darn good-Good job Lee Bantle!)

So yeah. Peace out--


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