Totally Joe- James Howe

Okay, who here has read this?! Leave a comment if you have, please, and tell me if you thought it was as great as I did. :D
Yep, 6/5, why?
Well, because I thought it was A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!!!!!!!!!!
Okay, I love the main character, Joe, and I love the shoes on the cover. I love them. I want a pair of shoes like that, LOL, I'm going to look everywhere I go.
You know, I wish the guys I know would wear awesome shoes like that. But no, all they wear is basketball shoes. :P
Alright, this book is about Joe, sometimes JoDan, who writes his alphabiography. (A biography with each chapter starting with a letter of the alphabet) And, of course, he writes a lot of personal things. I wouldn't be able to do that, my teachers are never all that nice...
But, it's about Joe, and in his alphabiography he covers things like Colin, his sometimes boyfriend, and Kevin, the class bully (Darn them Bullies!) and Addie, his best friend. In this book he does a whole bunch of crazy, insane stuff. You'll have to read it to find out. :P (I know I'm mean.)
But, really, if you've read it I want to know. Did you think it was great? Did you think it was awful? Did you want a sequel? (I wanted a sequel, personally)
Ages 10+, it even says so in the book! (I'm gonna make my bro read this.)
:D, it made my top 10!
I'll post my top ten list soon, maybe later today, alright? Why am I asking y'all, I'm gonna do it anyways!
Love ya,
BTW, I'm getting Peter by Kate Walker, MY LIFE ROCKS!

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