Is He or Isn't He?--John Hall

Ha, I read this book last night :)
Go it cuz it was at the bookstore. :)
And it looked cute. :)
DON'T LET MY RATING CONFUSE YOU--This isn't a bad book.
Alright, best friends Paige and Anthony (Love that name) are both in love with the same guy. And, they don't know if he's gay or not.
Okay, so I knew the ending since the middle of the book, um...
But, IS HE OR ISNT HE? That is the question, and a good one at that. My mind switched back and forth so many times from thinking he was gay to straight to bi to just plain NOTHING. But, by the end, I knew that
There was no way Alex was gay, there was NO WAY.
****Okay then****
Alright, so since I knew the ending before it came, it went down a rating. And since I didn't like Alex, it went down another. And it went down .5 because I just thought it was...pointless?
Yep, pointless, that is the word.
Um... but I loved Anthony and his dream to have his screenplay become famous, and I thought it was a great character idea. But other than that, there was nothing in this book to like, or even care about for me.
Ages 12+
But, as I've mentioned, it WASNT A BAD BOOK. It was decent, and,

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