The God Box---Alex Sanchez

Okay, so first of all let me say: Alex Sanchez is AWESOME. There is no denying it. I mean, first of all, he can write. Second of all, I think he has the awesomest name in the HISTORY of awesome names. Alex Sanchez, Wooo!


Alright, so I loved the idea here, new kid in school, openly gay, big homophobic issues. What I didn't love was the way everyone made SUCH A BIG DEAL out of everything! Manuel was almost killed! I mean, really, if there are places with THAT many homophobes, our world has major issues.

Um...okay, this book is about Pablo, a.k.a. Paul, and, of course, the dude is gay. BUT, he is ALWAYS denying it, which bothered me. I mean...I'm not like that, LOL, if I were a character in the story I'd be more like Manuel. An I know some people aren't that way, but, I'd just prefer to go, "Yeah, I'm gay, and if you have a problem with it, then don't talk to me, K?"

I'm just like that, but, clearly, a lot of people aren't and they're more like, "Me, gay? What? No, no!" So, I guess that's why I didn't seem to think this book was...complete? I don't know. I just didn't relate to the main character at all, and it might be because I'm a girl, but I just didn't.

(Actually, I don't think it was because I'm a girl. I've related to gay guy characters countless times.)

So, ages 12+

and I'm just saying: It was a great book! Imean, Manuel was a freaking GENIUS! I'm going to say this once, READ IT.

Love and stuff,

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