Princes and Princesses...

Guess who has become interested in fairy tales recently?
Well, it's me.

You want to know why?
Too bad, it's because *drumroll*

*cheering in background* I know, I know, my old one is great, I'm still working on that, but I'm also writing a new fairy tale. :)
It is called...well...I don't have a title yet.

But it's about Prince Ezekial Hansen and Princess Elva Krystal Conway and her brother Prince Emilio Conway.
Basically, Prince Ezekial is supposed to marry Princess Elva Krystal but he isn't all too thrilled about it, and him and Prince Emilio slay the big evil Chaos Blood! (A dragon, LOL, I ♥♥♥ the name)

So...I'm not going to give out the entire plot, but I might mention it every once in a while. Like if I title it or somethin, I might mention it.
But, no worries, Infinite is still going great.
I'm not abandoning it.

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